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Pressure Testing in Leak Detection Services in London

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0800 Homefix offers premier Pressure Test Leak Detection services across London, utilising advanced tracer gases like Hydrogen and Nitrogen to identify leaks in sealed piping systems. In assessing the integrity of pipes, we consider testing parameters such as air pressure and water pressure to ensure comprehensive coverage. Our process includes conducting comprehensive leak tests using tracer gases, designed to determine the integrity of pipes and ensure they are leak-free, supporting both residential and commercial properties.

Understanding Pressure Testing in Leak Detection

Leak testing, including pressure testing, also known as hydrostatic testing when using water, involves pressurising the pipework to 1.1 times its normal working pressure in England and Wales, according to BS EN 806 specifications. In Scotland, regulations require leak testing at 1.5 times the working pressure. Our method employs a safe mix of 95% Nitrogen and 5% Hydrogen, leveraging Hydrogen’s small molecular size and traceability, combined with the safety of non-flammable Nitrogen. Conducting pressure tests is a crucial component of ensuring the integrity of piping systems, aligning with BS EN 806 specifications.

Benefits of Pressure Testing with 0800 Homefix

  • Precision, Safety, and Several Advantages: Our non-flammable tracer gas mix not only ensures accurate leak detection without risk but also offers several advantages including precision in identifying leaks, safety due to its non-flammable nature, and the overall reliability of the testing process.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Suitable for central heating systems, underfloor heating, water mains, and more.
  • Positive Pressure Testing: Utilising positive pressure in our testing process enhances the accuracy of leak detection, allowing us to identify defects causing leaks with greater precision.
  • Efficiency: Our tests are quick, taking just 60 minutes, though the entire process includes preparation and follow-up stages to ensure thoroughness.

Why Choose 0800 Homefix for Pressure Testing?

Choosing 0800 Homefix for thermal imaging leak detection in London ensures you receive:

Expert Techniques

We use industry-standard ratios and the latest equipment to provide reliable results. Additionally, our advanced equipment includes generation tools for pressure, enhancing our capability to produce nitrogen on demand for thorough leak testing.

Regulatory Compliance

We adhere strictly to BS EN 806 standards and local regulations for safety and accuracy. Furthermore, NiGen provides on-site nitrogen generation tools for comprehensive leak detection services, ensuring safety and logistical efficiency.

Experienced Engineers

Our team is skilled in various leak detection technologies, ensuring a high success rate.

Applications of Our Pressure Testing Services

0800 Homefix’s pressure testing can be applied to a wide range of systems:

  • Residential and Commercial Plumbing: From apartments to large buildings, we ensure all plumbing is secure.

  • Specialised Systems: Including swimming pool filtration, irrigation systems, and low pressure testing, where precision is critical.

0800 Homefix’s pressure testing services are utilised within numerous industries, showcasing the broad applicability of their expertise.

Process and Timeframe

The typical pressure test follows a specific procedure how to test and lasts for 60 minutes. If no pressure drop is detected, it confirms the absence of leaks. Maintaining specific test pressures throughout the test is crucial for detecting leaks. However, the complete process includes additional time for setting up and concluding the test, ensuring that every step is performed meticulously.

Locating the Leak

While pressure testing pinpoints the possibility of a leak, it does not specify the location. For this, we employ tracer gas sensors or acoustic listening devices to detect escaping gas, accurately revealing the leak’s exact location. The primary purpose of using these technologies is to identify defects causing leaks. A ‘pressure change’ detected by these devices is a key indicator of the presence of a leak, allowing for precise identification and assessment of the flaws within the system.

Contact 0800 Homefix Today for Effective Leak Detection in London

If you’re concerned about potential leaks or require a thorough check of your piping systems, reach out to 0800 Homefix to conduct a nitrogen leak test with our specialised service. Our nitrogen leak test procedure assures potential clients of the systematic approach taken by 0800 Homefix in ensuring the integrity of piping systems, emphasising our commitment to minimising personnel risk exposure. Ensure your plumbing integrity with our expert team.