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Full Gas Safety Inspection & Certificate

£120 + VAT

* We don’t provide gas safety certificate with meter only service as no gas appliances are tested

* Free Boiler Service is only available to customers booking before the end of September

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What is considered as an appliance?



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Our Gas Safety Certificate & Service & Whats Included?

One of the most common questions we get about gas safety checks is how much they cost. The cost of a gas safety certificate can vary depending on various factors such as the location, the type of property, and the number of appliances that need to be checked. However, at 0800 Home Fix, we offer our FULL Gas Check Service at a competitive flat rate price of £100 + VAT

See Below for What is Included in our Gas Safety Inspection:

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Welcome to 0800 Homefix, your trusted provider of gas safety certificate services. We understand the importance of ensuring the safety of your gas appliances, and our team of Gas Safe registered engineers are here to help. Whether you’re a landlord, homeowner, or business owner, we offer a range of gas safety services, including gas safety checks, inspections, and issuing gas safety certificates. Our team of experts upholds the highest level of professionalism, courtesy, and expertise, providing exceptional service that exceeds your expectations. With our same-day call-outs and services available 24/7, 365 days a year, you can rest assured that your gas safety needs are covered. Contact us today to schedule your gas safety certificate service and experience the difference that our team of experts can make to your gas appliances.

Gas safety

Gas Safety is of utmost importance for both homeowners and landlords, and our Gas Check Service ensures that all gas appliances and systems are functioning correctly and efficiently. For landlords, our service includes a CP12 certificate that confirms the safety of all gas appliances, pipework, and flues in a rented property, as required by law. Homeowners can also benefit from our Gas Check Service, as an annual gas safety check is recommended to ensure that all gas systems are functioning as they should be.

Our Gas Check Service includes a range of tests and inspections, such as gas leak and carbon monoxide tests, gas pressure and operation checks, and visual leak and wear and tear checks. Our Gas Check Service also includes a check of burner seals and spark electrodes, a flue gas analysis and integrity check, and a check of O2 and CO2 levels. We also bleed radiators of air, balance the system, top up system pressure, and check the expansion vessel pressure, ensuring that all gas appliances and systems are functioning correctly and safely.

The cost of a gas safety certificate can vary, but our Gas Check Service is competitively priced at £120 + VAT, making it accessible to all homeowners and landlords. We also offer a Gas Safe Register check, ensuring that our service is carried out by qualified and experienced professionals.

At 0800 Home Fix, we understand the importance of gas safety, and our Gas Check Service provides homeowners and landlords with peace of mind, knowing that their gas systems are functioning correctly and safely. Contact us today to book your annual gas safety check or to obtain a CP12 certificate for your rented property.

Benefits of a Gas Safety Check

There are many benefits to having a gas safety check. Firstly, it ensures that your gas appliances and systems are functioning correctly, efficiently, and safely. It also reduces the chances of an accident or injury caused by unsafe gas appliances. A gas safety check can also save you money in the long run by identifying and fixing any problems before they become more serious and expensive to repair. Finally, having a gas safety check can give you peace of mind, knowing that your home or rental property is safe.

What is a Gas Safety Check?

A gas safety check is a routine inspection of your gas appliances, including boilers and cookers. It’s important that you have your boiler checked regularly so that any problems can be identified and fixed before they cause a serious accident.

A CP12 certificate is proof that the work has been done by a qualified engineer who has found no faults with your boiler or other appliances.

Landlords Gas Safety Certificate/ Gas Safety Checks

Landlords should be aware of the legal requirements for gas safety checks and make sure they are carried out on a regular basis. Landlords may be liable if there is an explosion or fire caused by unsafe gas appliances in their property, so it’s important to ensure that your tenants have properly installed and maintained equipment.

Gas Safety Certificates (GSC) are valid for 12 months and landlords must provide one at the start of each tenancy agreement. The certificate must also be provided when applying for a landlord’s license or registering with Gas Safe Register.


Gas Safety Checks for Homeowners

Why homeowners should have an annual gas safety check?

Gas appliances are a vital part of our homes, but they can be dangerous if not properly maintained and serviced. An annual service from 0800 Home Fix Gas Check will ensure that your appliances are safe to use and will keep you safe from harm. What is included in the 0800 Home Fix Gas Check Service? And receive your homeowner gas safety certificate.

What is a Gas Safe Installation Certificate?

A Gas Safe Installation Certificate is a document that certifies that a person has been trained to install gas appliances. The certificate is issued by an organisation called Gas Safe Register, which is responsible for ensuring the safety of gas installations in the UK.

Certificates are valid for five years and must be renewed before they expire. If you’re looking to get your certificate renewed or apply for one in the first place, it’s important to know who needs one and why they’re important.

Gas Safe Register Check/Gas Safe Certificate Check

Gas Safe Register is a government-approved body that checks the competency of engineers and other professionals who work with gas systems. It’s important to use a Gas Safe Register check because it ensures you’re using qualified and experienced professionals who have been vetted by the government.

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