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At 0800 HomeFix, we have been providing reliable gas engineer and heating services for residents in Wimbledon and the surrounding areas for many years now. During that time we have established a solid reputation for delivering premium quality solutions at some of the most affordable prices.

We specialise in all things boiler and central heating related; from boiler services to fixing gas leaks, there’s nothing too big or small for us to handle.

If you are on the lookout for local engineers that you can rely on, you needn’t look any further! Want to know more about the various services that we provide in the Wimbledon area and the rest of greater London? If so, read on and we’ll tell you everything you need to know.

Central heating engineers Wimbledon / central heating system

In order to keep your heating system running effectively, you need to ensure that it is regularly serviced. If yours is due some love, contact us today and we can send one of our heating engineers to your property to carry out the necessary repairs.

Boiler fix / boiler repair Wimbledon

Is your existing boiler installation playing up? If so and you would like some professional boiler maintenance then contact us today.

Our engineers are experts in boiler breakdowns and have experience servicing a wide variety of models and manufacturers.

Whether an easy boiler fix is necessary, or the only way to repair it is with replacing some parts, our engineers will advise you accordingly.

Only in the event that your old boiler cannot be effectively repaired will we recommend a new boiler installation. As part of our professional boiler services, we are dedicated to offering only the most economic advice. For us, we’re only interested in ensuring that you receive sound and honest advice. If that means suggesting affordable boiler repair over a brand new boiler altogether, that’s what we’ll do.

Emergency gas engineers Wimbledon

There is nothing as important as gas safety. As such, you should never leave anything to chance. Even if you can smell the faintest bit of gas, if it’s giving you cause for concern, don’t chalk it up to you being paranoid and call us immediately – 0800 HomeFix is gas safe registered for your safety and convenience.

Worst case scenario is that we turn up to find that your gas appliances and utilities are in perfect working order. In any case, it is far better than the alternative. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Whatever happens, our gas safe registered plumbers will carry out extensive checks to ensure that everything is 100% sound and that you are safe to relax.

Boiler swap / boiler installation Wimbledon

If you would like to change from a condensing boiler to a combi or system, then we can make the necessary conversion for you.

Or alternatively, if your old boiler has finally packed in and you want to upgrade to a new boiler model, then all our engineers are highly trained to do so in a precise and professional manner.

Again, if boiler repairs can be done and you would prefer to hold onto your existing boiler for as long as possible, our gas safe registered engineers will happily help.

No hot water? Boiler leak emergency? Call for emergency boiler repair today!

Is your hot water system broken? Do you have a new boiler leaking when it shouldn’t be? Has your hot water cylinder been making some unusual noises? Whatever the situation, contact us immediately. We have emergency staff on call, waiting to assist you with affordable boiler repair – come rain or shine.

24hr emergency heating engineer Wimbledon

Even if you find yourself waking up at 4am on Christmas morning – if your heating system is down and your house is freezing cold – one of our on-call heating engineers will be at your door at their earliest possible convenience.

Here's a look at our other expert services in Wimbledon

Our gas and heating engineers are dedicated to providing an exceptional level of service, every single time. For us, we believe that every engineer worth their salt should deliver consistency, transparency, and affordability.

Our employees go through a rigorous recruitment process and are trained to an exceptional standard, for your convenience. Whether carrying out routine boiler installations or relocating a toilet for a bathroom renovation, our engineers in Wimbledon always carry out their duties with expert precision.

Low water pressure

Is the water flowing from your shower and faucets slow and weak? If so, then it's a clear sign of low water pressure - which can be a symptom of a more serious issue. The good news is that with our same day service, we can have your water pressure restored and your shower flowing with a satisfying speed in no time!

Water leak detection and repairs

If your water bills have shot up lately despite not using any more water than usual then you might have a leak somewhere on your property. While it can be incredibly difficult to detect by yourself, using state of the art leak detection technology, our reliable plumbers can help identify the root cause of the issue and make the repairs immediately.

Boiler fault code identification

If you have an unrecognised fault code displayed on your new boilers, do not hesitate to contact us today. While it might not necessarily be a sign of an imminent boiler breakdown, it's always worth checking just in case. Our expert boiler repair engineers can easily identify the fault code and make the necessary adjustments on your behalf. In and out with minimal disruption to your day! click here for common boiler error codes. 

Clean and tidy

Our plumbers maintain the highest levels of personal hygiene, keep their work areas as tidy as possible, and carry out a thorough clean up before leaving. Your home should always be treated with the appropriate respect.

Strange noises

Don't worry! Those strange noises, random bangs, and gurgling sounds coming from inside your walls isn't a ghost. It's likely a sign of an old boiler struggling away or some pipes that could do with replacing. Whatever the case, if you are tired of listening to the spooky sounds at night, give us a call and we can offer our urgent assistance.


As part of our great service, we can carry out any adjustments and improvements to your plumbing. If we can make a few adjustments to improve your heating systems, replace some old pipework, or even recommend boiler installations that will save you money on your annual energy consumption, we will gladly offer our expert advice.

Appliances / installations

If you have a new gas or water appliance that needs installing, we urge that you contact us today. We understand the temptation to install an appliance by yourself to save money, but you must be aware that the slightest mistake can lead to disaster - and void your warranty too. The fact is, our team collectively install thousands of different appliances every year and we always provide a reliable service with expert precision. So, if you'd like your appliances installed without complication - and won't result in you needing a brand new boiler replacement any time soon - then 0800 HomeFix is at your disposal.

Commercial plumbing

If you are a local business owner in Wimbledon and you're looking for a professional commercial plumbing service, then we'd be delighted to work with you. Whether you need a hot water boiler service, new appliances installed, or a gas safe inspection carrying out at your trading address, we will provide an excellent service. Part of that excellent service is total flexibility. In other words, if you need us to work during the evenings or over the weekends so as to ensure that your staff are not disturbed during their day to day, we will do whatever we can to accommodate you. All completed work will be signed off by fully licenced and insured commercial plumbers to ensure that you can continue doing business as normal without any concerns.

Why Choose 0800 HomeFix?

So, why choose 0800 HomeFix? Is our boiler service the best in Wimbledon? Are we more qualified to fix your central heating than the next company? Is the service provided by us a good service and worth exploring? Read on and we’ll tell you everything you need to know…

Same day call-outs and gas boiler repairs / boiler maintenance

You might not find yourself in the midst of an emergency but that does not mean that you should have to wait to receive support.

Your boiler might not have stopped working, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t benefit from a boiler repair.

You may have a small leak, but it doesn’t mean that you should have to endure it for too long.

Whatever you need, we offer a same day callout service, for your peace of mind.

Competitive prices (and no hidden charges)

As local plumbers in Wimbledon, we are dedicated to providing a fair and competitive price for our customers at all times.

Additionally, we will never spring any hidden charges on your either. All necessary emergency fees are disclosed before you commit to us.

What’s more is we aim to provide excellent value in everything that we do. From recommending boiler repair when a new installation is unnecessary, to upgrading your central heating as a more economic alternative. Whatever we can do to save you money and ensure that your utilities work as efficiently as possible – you can count on us.

Emergency boiler repairs

24-hours a day, 7-days a week, 365-days a year; 0800 HomeFix has engineers on call and ready to respond to your call at a moment’s notice.

From emergency boiler repairs and restoring your hot water on Christmas morning, to making sure that your property is gas safe and if you find yourself in an emergency situation and in need of professional assistance, please do give us a call immediately. We’ll be with you as soon as we can!

Fully insured

You should always double check that a plumber is licenced and insured before you hire them. You may be able to save money on a cheap plumber, but if their price is almost too good to be true, there’s usually a reason for that.

The good news is that 0800 HomeFix is fully licenced and insured for your safety and convenience.

Gas Safe registered engineers

There is nothing more important to us at 0800 HomeFix, than gas safety. Being on the gas safe register means that we are officially recognised as a competent company that can provide reliable expertise in all things gas related.

This means, you can rest assured that when installing or repairing your gas appliances, you will be in the safest hands.

Professional and polite

The team at 0800 HomeFix share our passion for excellent customer service. Many quick response plumbers may be able perform a similar job but very few are able to match the quality of customer service that we provide at all times. All our jobs are carried out professionally and with the utmost courtesy and kindness.

Clean and tidy

Our staff maintain excellent personal hygiene and are tasked with keeping their work environment as clean as possible at all times. This means respecting your prop0erty and carrying out a thorough clean up when the work is completed – for your peace of mind.

Please see below for some of the Frequently Asked Questions we receive from our clients.

Yes, we offer a 12 months guarantee on our labour.

Our guarantee for our workmanship is 12 months. This would be classed as a recall and we would re attend free of charge.

It is unlikely that we can’t get to you within the hour, however if we cant  we will let you know in advance – should you not be able to wait any longer we will issue you a full refund for the call out.

We will return free of charge to rectify any issues caused by our engineer, are are fully insured.

Yes there is a small additional charge for out of hours call-outs, please follow this link to see our rates.

We show a great respect for our clients property – however in the event that something is damaged, we are fully insured to cover any cost of the damage.

No we dont we are entirely transparent on pricing Should there be any additional work required following the initial call out our engineers will quote you on site and only proceed with your agreement.

No, provided no additional parts are needed, and we can fix within the first hour there is no additional charge.

This is highly unlikely situation, as all of our plumbing engineers, carry a plumbing and heating repairs kit – which allows us to fix 99% of any given problem, we take great pride in our first time fix percentage. Our aim is to visit once and fix once. If however, we do need a spare part, we will attempt to source it locally and carry out the repairs on the same day.

For additional FAQ’s on General Heating please visit our Heating FAQ page

Contact us today for your heating needs

If you like what you read and want to explore our heating and plumbing services further then please feel free to contact us today for all the information you need. From boiler repairs and leaky toilets, come rain or shine, we’re always happy to help with a great service. We look forward to hearing from you!