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If you are a Clapham resident and you are looking for a superior boiler repair and heating service provided by expert gas safe registered engineers, then you’ve come to the right place.

0800 HomeFix has a wealth of experience in dealing with all things gas boiler and heating related. From replacing an old boiler to annual servicing and repairs, all our engineers are well qualified and fully insured to carry out the required task effectively.

On this page we are going to focus on gas boilers and central heating systems, including a quick look at some of our additional services as well. Here’s everything you need to know…

Heating engineers Clapham Junction/ central heating systems

If your heating system appears to be on its last legs, our heating engineers can carry out some checks and make the necessary recommendations. Whether you need a brand new installation or a few quick repairs can be made, our gas engineers will advise you accordingly.

Boiler services

We handle all things boiler related in Clapham Junction. Whether you have a conventional boiler that needs converting or a combination boiler that wants repairing, our boiler engineers are well-versed in working on a wide variety of models and manufacturers. We also offer Boiler service certificates for your annual checks.

Boiler Breakdowns Clapham

Has your boiler been making some strange noises lately and you don’t know why? Perhaps it hasn’t been working optimally and you would like a specialist to come and take a look. Whatever the case, if a quick fix can be done, our engineers will make it look easy.

Boiler repair Clapham

Sometimes a boiler repair job requires new replacement parts. Fortunately, our specialists can get your boiler back to good working order in no time! Only in the event that repairs cannot be made will we recommend that a replacement is provided.

Boiler installation service Clapham

If your boiler is on its last legs and is due a replacement, give 0800 HomeFix a call today. We will be advise you accordingly if repairs can be made and you can hold onto your boiler for a while longer. Otherwise, a brand new installation is a specialty of ours.

Boiler swap Clapham

If you have an existing combi boiler and want a new installation of the same model, 0800 HomeFix is well-versed in boiler swap services.

If however, you are ready to change from a combi boiler to a system boiler, our boiler specialists can make the necessary conversions for you.

Emergency plumbers Clapham

A disaster can strike at any time, which is why we have emergency gas engineers on standby 24/7, 365.

Plumber arriving at job with tools

24hr emergency heating engineer Clapham

We understand how hopeless it can feel when your heating system lets you down out of the blue. The good news is that we have central heating engineers ready on standby to assist you at a moment’s notice.

Emergency boiler services / emergency boiler repairs Clapham

If you wake up to find that you don’t have any hot water, our emergency gas boiler specialists will be ready and waiting to assist you – come rain or shine. Don’t panic, just give 0800 HomeFix a call today and we will send someone out to your property as soon as possible to restore your hot water cylinder to good working order.

Emergency gas engineer Clapham

Whether you have a faulty gas appliance or you smell gas and suspect that you may have a leak, make sure that you contact us at your earliest convenience and we will send a gas safe specialist to your property.

When it comes to gas safety, you should never leave anything to chance!

A quick look at our other superior services in Clapham

At 0800 HomeFix, our central heating engineers specialise in all things plumbing heating related. In fact, we have a variety of other available plumbing services as well.

From unblocking drains and fixing leaking faucets, to relocating plumbing fixtures and installing new pipework, our team can tackle on any job – no matter how big or small.

energy bills

General maintenance in Clapham

Can you recall the last time you had a professional come to your property and carry out some routine maintenance? Whether servicing your central heating system or carrying out some minor repairs on a gas boiler – we believe that the key to avoiding disaster is by staying on top of your general plumbing heating maintenance.

Water and gas leak detection and repairs

If you think you may have a water leak but you are unable to identify the root cause of the problem, then contact us today. Using specialist leak-detection equipment, our team can easily locate and identify the problem, then make the necessary repairs.

As for suspected gas leaks, never leave anything to chance and call us immediately. We employ gas safe specialists who are licenced and insured to identify, fix, and sign off on the safety and integrity of all your gas appliances.

Bathroom plumbing in Clapham

For any bathroom related plumbing requirements, give 0800 HomeFix a call. Whether you need a handyman to help with the renovation project itself, or you simply require a plumber in Clapham to install a new heated towel rack or relocate your toilet and shower, we provide a class service from start to finish.

Appliances / installations

If you have some new appliances that need installing in your home, give 0800 HomeFix a call. We understand the desire to try and save money by installing appliance by yourself, but this can be incredibly risky.

If you are installing a gas cooker for example, you must have a gas safe registered engineer take care of it. Not only can minor mistakes lead to disastrous consequences, but it can also void your warranty as well.

You should always be gas safe and rely on a class service for your convenience. We’ll make short work of it and guarantee that your appliances are installed with expert precision.

Commercial plumbing


Why Choose 0800 HomeFix?

  • Local plumbers
  • Same day call-outs
  • Emergency plumbing services
  • Gas safe registered engineers
  • Fully licenced and insured
  • Friendly services
  • Professional and attentive engineers
  • Clean and tidy
  • Competitive prices
  • No hidden charges

Please see below for some of the Frequently Asked Questions we receive from our clients.

Yes, we offer a 12 months guarantee on our labour.

Our guarantee for our workmanship is 12 months. This would be classed as a recall and we would re attend free of charge.

It is unlikely that we can’t get to you within the hour, however if we cant  we will let you know in advance – should you not be able to wait any longer we will issue you a full refund for the call out.

We will return free of charge to rectify any issues caused by our engineer, are are fully insured.

Yes there is a small additional charge for out of hours call-outs, please follow this link to see our rates.

We show a great respect for our clients property – however in the event that something is damaged, we are fully insured to cover any cost of the damage.

No we dont we are entirely transparent on pricing Should there be any additional work required following the initial call out our engineers will quote you on site and only proceed with your agreement.

No, provided no additional parts are needed, and we can fix within the first hour there is no additional charge.

This is highly unlikely situation, as all of our plumbing engineers, carry a plumbing and heating repairs kit – which allows us to fix 99% of any given problem, we take great pride in our first time fix percentage. Our aim is to visit once and fix once. If however, we do need a spare part, we will attempt to source it locally and carry out the repairs on the same day.

For additional FAQ’s on General Heating please visit our Heating FAQ page

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