The Home Renovation Trends of 2019


With 2018 soon coming to a close, interior designers and homeowners alike are looking towards 2019 with fresh ideas in mind. As with any industry, home renovations generally follow trends that are now mostly spread through the internet. Unique ideas and innovative furniture often shape home renovation trends for the next year, so here are some of the up and coming designs and trends to expect.

Open Kitchen Shelves

Gone are the days of closed cupboards. Minimalist designs are still in, but people are starting to get a little more creative by utilising open kitchen shelves instead. It may seem like a pain to dust off now and then, but it’s a great concept for dishware like glass and plates which are used often enough that dust and grime won’t have a chance to accumulate.

It’s still best to keep expensive and lesser-used items in a cupboard, but having your most-used utensils and kitchenware displayed on a shelf is a fantastic decor idea. Just be careful not to start using it for things like seasonings and herbs–you can get dedicated kitchen storage for those!

Matte Textures

For a while, designers and homeowners were obsessed with ultra-reflective surfaces. After all, reflecting light around the home is good and it means we get bigger and brighter rooms–right? Well, to some degree the reflective surfaces can be a little overdone.

Glossy surfaces and appliances can get a little tacky, and they’re a little impractical considering the amount of cleaning you need to do to make them look great all the time. Instead, people are now switching to matte surfaces that, while they don’t necessarily reflect light as much, look much more natural, hide fingerprints and dirt for a better appearance, and are ultimately easier to manage while still looking amazing.

In 2018, we saw a lot of neutral colour palettes and design schemes that focused on creating light and bright atmospheres. However, as we move closer to 2019 (and also towards winter) trends are starting to shift towards darker tones. Not only does it add a classy touch to your home, but it goes well with the concept of matte textures.

Dark colours are ultimately easier to manage and there’s a lot more experimentation with dark tones as opposed to the bright palettes we’ve seen this year.

Overlapping Functions

Due to rising house prices and increased demand for studio and single-bedroom housing, more and more people are finding themselves in small and cramped apartments. However, this doesn’t mean you need to settle for those boring and tired designs that the landlord has given you. Instead, people are starting to take advantage of “less is more” and introducing overlapping functions that are not only space-saving designs, but can also bring down walls and make your home more open.

We saw this in the past with open-plan kitchens and in 2018, we’ve been seeing fewer separate dining rooms. As the years go on, we might start seeing more merged conservatories, more walk-in garages that are attached to the home and perhaps even master bedrooms that have cut-out areas as en-suite bathrooms.

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