Our Favourite Festive Kitchen Hacks

Our Favourite Festive Kitchen Hacks

Here at 0800 Homefix, we believe that the kitchen should be considered a central focus of your home at all times. Nevertheless, those feelings are stronger than ever around the festive period.

You’ll be spending more time indoors due to weather while the prospect of hosting loved ones and cooking incredible food is a key feature of the festivities. This makes it the perfect time to upgrade your kitchen with a few simple hacks for immediate and long-term rewards. Here are 10 of the best:

1. Get a slow cooker:

The oven is likely to be full on the big day, but a slow cooker will soon solve this problem by allowing you to create tasty sides with minimal fuss. It’ll also make life a lot simpler when wanting to make the most of your leftovers.

2. Create extra storage:

Your kitchen will be bursting with food and drink at this time of the year. From adding extra storage underneath the hanging cupboards to hanging a rack behind the kitchen door, every little helps.

3. Embrace the festive items:

If you’ve purchased festive crockery and utensils, their influence needn’t be limited to mealtimes. Use shelves to display those bowls and plates while using a utensil stand to show off those special festive items.

4. Decorate house plants:

Small potted plants are a common feature of the modern kitchen. Decorate yours with a little tinsel or a handful of lights to bring the festive vibe without consuming any extra counter space.

5. Protect the pipes:

Increased heating bills are one of the worst things about the winter period. Covering pipes with foam lagging is a quick and easy job that will make a significant difference to your bank balance. Perfect.

6. Upgrade to LED lighting:

With the winter evenings drawing in so early, this is the perfect time to make the switch to LED spotlights. Their brighter, offer greater versatility and are cheaper to run. What more could you ask for?

7. Open the oven:

While the natural urge is to shut the oven straight after cooking, the heat generated from it can be used to make the room feel more comfortable. It’s a simple idea, but it works wonders.

8. Get a travel island:

A static island is a great addition to the kitchen, especially if you wish to interact while completing tasks. However, a travel island can be used in smaller kitchens and offers added function and versatility. Perfect.

9. Add servery windows:

While this is a slightly more extensive upgrade, the impacts can be huge as you’ll be able to open the kitchen up to the living room to maintain interaction with the living room at all times. Yet, they can still be shut, which makes them better than going open plan.

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