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If you are looking for superior gas engineers, Chelsea has no shortage of companies, each claiming to be the very best. But, how do you decide on a service that best suits you? When you need assistance with your central heating requirements and boiler repairs, who do you turn to?

On this page, we’re going to highlight the specialist gas boiler and heating services provided by 0800 HomeFix, including a number of our other services and the various qualities that set us apart from the competition. Here’s everything you need to know…

General maintenance in Wimbledon

If your central heating system has been displaying signs of regression and appears to be falling into disrepair, then you should contact us at your earliest convenience.

In order to keep your energy bills down and your central heating systems working as efficiently as possible, not only should you have them booked in for an annual service, but you should have any necessary repairs carried out immediately before they get any worse.

Our engineers in Chelsea can come out to your property, assess the extent of the damage and advise you accordingly. Only in the event that repairs cannot be made, if a new heating system is required, our engineers can install one on your behalf.

Boiler services

At 0800 HomeFix, we specialise in a variety of boiler services. From boiler repairs and quick fixes, to installing a new boiler and booking you in for an annual boiler service, there’s nothing our gas registered engineers can’t handle. Here’s a closer look at our boiler services in Chelsea…

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Boiler fix Chelsea

If your boiler has been making strange noises or perhaps not performing as well as you’d like, it could be a symptom of a much more serious problem. That said, often, a quick boiler fix is easy.

The sooner you jump on the problem, the more effectively you can keep your boiler repair costs down to a minimum. Without a quick fix, a boiler issue could fall even further into disrepair and result in a far more serious issue.

Boiler repair Chelsea

Sometimes, in order to effectively carry out a boiler repair, new replacement parts are required. A boiler repair is of course, preferable to a brand new boiler installation, but the problem has to be caught as early as possible.

Generally, our engineers will pick up on any issues during your annual boiler servicing. If however, your boiler has not been checked in some time, certain issues may have deteriorated even further making boiler repair even more complicated.

Rest assured that only in the event that a new boiler installation is absolutely necessary will it be recommended. If boiler repairs can be done to keep your boiler working efficiently for longer, we will always opt for the mor economic alternative.

Of course, should you want a new boiler, or a boiler conversion, then you can let our engineers know and we’ll take care of it for you.

Boiler installation Chelsea

If your boiler is broken and boiler repairs cannot be made then a new installation will be necessary. We can help you find a new model that will keep your energy bills to a minimum while performing optimally in your home.

Again, if you aren’t ready for a new boiler and want to keep it in good shape then you must book it in for a boiler service regularly. General maintenance is the key to damage prevention.

Boiler swap Chelsea

Boiler swap and boiler conversion are often used interchangeably, even though they refer to two different services:

  • a boiler swap is the act of replacing your existing boiler with a new boiler of the same model (e.g., a combi to a new combi).

  • a boiler conversion is the process up switching your existing gas boiler to a different type (e.g., a system boiler to a combi).

Whether you need a boiler swap or you’d like our specialists to help with a new boiler conversion, contact us today and we’ll gladly assist you.


Emergency plumbers Chelsea

There is no telling when an disaster will occur and you find your self in desperate need of an emergency heating engineer to come and repair your heating system or carry out a boiler repair to restore your hot water. Whatever the emergency, our engineers are on standby 24/7, 365!

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Emergency heating engineers Chelsea

At 0800 HomeFix, we understand how hopeless it can feel when you wake up on a cold winter morning only to find that your heating system has packed it in and isn’t working. This is why we will always be on standby with our emergency callout services to assist you.

Whether an emergency heating installation is required or some simple fixes can be made to your central heating system, we will aid you accordingly.

Emergency gas engineer Chelsea

Our gas safe engineers are on standby and ready to assist you whenever the situation calls for it. If you suspect that you may have a gas leak, or one of your gas appliances is acting up and giving you cause for concern, do not hesitate to contact 0800 HomeFix today.

Faulty gas appliances is no joke. You should never take any chances!


A quick look at our other superior services in Chelsea

At 0800 HomeFix, we specialise in more than boiler repairs, central heating system installations, and restoring people’s hot water in emergencies; in fact, there are a wide variety of plumbing services that we offer as well.

From unblocking drains and fixing leaking toilets, to relocating appliances and installing new pipework, our engineers can take on any job – no matter how big or small.

energy bills

General maintenance in Chelsea

When was the last time that you had a specialist in Chelsea carry out some routine maintenance on your domestic and commercial properties? We are firm believers in the fact that through regular maintenance you can avoid any potential disasters in the future.

So, if you would prefer not to have to call us in an emergency with a boiler breakdown, then having your gas boiler regularly serviced and maintained is advised.

The same applies with ensuring that your central heating system is energy efficient; regularly checking up on it and carrying out the necessary modifications and repairs.

Water and gas leak detection and repairs

It’s not uncommon for water leaks to go undetected. However, if you have noticed your water bills rise lately despite the fact that your water usage hasn’t increased, it could be a sign that there is a leak somewhere on your property.

The good news is that our engineers are well-versed in detecting and repairing water leaks, for your peace of mind.

As for gas leaks – again – if you suspect that you may have one and can smell gas, then call one of our local engineers today! 0800 HomeFix will send a gas registered specialist to your property to identify the root cause of the problem and make the necessary repairs.

Bathroom plumbing in Chelsea

If you have a bathroom renovation project on the go and require specialist plumbing heating engineers to assist you, let 0800 HomeFix be your go-to. Whether you simply need a new toiler installation with a power flush, you want a handyman to help with some tiling, or you need an engineer to help with the full renovation, give us a call today.

Appliances / installations

When it comes to installing new appliances, you should always give the specialists a call. The fact is, one simple mistake could not only result in disaster, but it will void you warranty as well.

So, if you are thinking of handling a boiler installation by yourself, we would strongly advise against it. The same applies with other appliances like dishwashers or cookers. You should have a gas safe registered engineer assist you to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible.

Commercial plumbing

We service both domestic and commercial properties in Chelsea. So, if you are a local business owner and need boiler repairs, your central heating fixing, hot water restored, or any other plumbing heating related service in central and greater London, then give 0800 HomeFix a call today.

Our service is highly flexible and we can work evenings and weekends so as to ensure that all work is carried out with as little disruption to your day to day as possible.

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