How do I Become a Plumber?

How do I Become a Plumber?

Technical trades have become increasingly popular career choices among young people in recent years. With demand for skilled tradespeople greater than supply, the technical trades offer exciting and fulfilling careers. We are often asked how to become a plumber, and this blog will offer some guidelines on we recommend individuals achieve this.

An informal way of entering plumbing is to work as a “plumber’s mate”. In many ways, you will be acting as a qualified plumber’s junior and supporting them in their work. Although this route allows you to start working immediately, you will not attain any formal qualifications, and are unlikely to fully realise your earning potential. It is also likely that potential clients will prefer to have work undertaken by a qualified tradesperson.

More traditionally, aspiring plumbers undertake a formal apprenticeship. As an apprentice, you will work for a company – usually for four years – interspersing your time with study periods. While a significant commitment, apprenticeships lead to years of work experience and recognised qualifications, all without incurring any debt. However, fewer and fewer companies are in a position to take on apprentice plumbers, 0800 Homefix being one of those that do.

Another alternative is a fast-track City and Guilds Accredited Level 2 Diploma in Plumbing Studies. This qualification takes 8-10 weeks, but does not offer any of the practical experience apprentices gain. Students are also required to pay for it themselves and only study theoretical basics, but are put in good stead for later career upscaling.

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