2019 New Year’s Resolution: Saving Energy in the Home


Fed up with making January promises that will be abandoned by March? Know that the gym membership will go unused and that the business plan will never fully materialise? Then make things a little different in 2019 by picking a New Year’s Resolution that’ll actually stick – saving energy around the home.

As far as NYRs go, this is one of the best. Saving energy will boost your bank balance, improve your relationship with the property, and even aid the environment. The incentives for making this life upgrade are vast, and here’s how to do it in style.

Repair Or Replace The Faulty Boiler

The boiler is the heartbeat of your property, not least in terms of energy. Persisting with an outdated or broken boiler that has to work harder will lead to further problems throughout the system, meaning that you’ll use more energy while gaining a reduced serviced.

Some boilers will merely need a service and a repair job. However, older models may need to be replaced and upgraded to a new combi boiler. In many cases, this one simple task will transform the energy situation throughout the entire home. This is the ultimate starting point. Always.

Install Energy-Saving Appliances

While the right boiler provides the perfect foundation, it needs to be supported by the best appliances throughout the home. Technology has evolved at a rapid rate in this sense, especially in the kitchen and bathroom spaces. Do not ignore the possibilities for a moment longer.

Modern appliances ranging from dishwashers to toilets now utilise the greenest technologies to significantly reduce your energy consumption. Use this as an opportunity to redesign these spaces to reflect your personality too, and you’ll be amazed at the impacts they bring.

Upgrade Insulating Items

Ensuring that the boiler, plumbing, and radiators are in good health is a priority. However, getting the right amount of heat into the home is a little futile if it leaves the property too quickly. Therefore, focusing on keeping the heat in is essential, particularly during the colder months.

Adding more roof insulation should be top of the agenda while the windows should be a close second place. Thicker windows will keep the heat in while the big openings can be used to aid air circulation once the warm weather returns. Check for draughts under the doors too, and you’ll be fine.

Change Your Habits

While focusing on putting the right facilities in place is vital, you must not forget the influence of the human touch. If you do not use those facilities in the right fashion, the improvements will be limited. Small gestures make a big impact, so don’t forget to upgrade your lights to LED solutions.

Further habits include turning electronic items off at night, turning off the heating in the guest room when it’s not used, and keeping doors shut to lock the heat in. Once every member of the household follows those winning habits, your energy savings in 2019 will be greater than you ever imagined.

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